Janet L.Pirozzi grew up in New York and moved to the Pacific northwest before settling in Reno in 1981.  She loves the freedom of the desert and the warmth of the sun.

After spending years in the public and private sector, Janet turned to visual journaling as a way to reduce stress.  Through her journaling and meditation practices, she has been able to get in touch with her feelings and give voice to her soul.  Her art brings the true essence of her soul to life. 

Janet is inspired by:  Miro, Kandinsky, Chagall, Picasso, O'keeffe, Munch, Dali, Pollock and other abstract/surreal artists.  She has attended workshops sponsored by Yosemite Association, St Mary's Art Center, Nevada Museum of Art, University of Nevada, Breitenbush Hot Springs, Art in the Mountains, and Esalen,

A relative newcomer to the art world, Janet's work has been shown at the King Street Gallery, Nevada State Library and the Esoteric.  Now retired, Janet has her own studio space in the heart of downtown Reno, Nevada. 

Janet L Pirozzi

“Let your heart open wide to the validating vibrations of the soul … only then is the mind an accepted Vessel for the Knowing to fill” …. Mary Summer Rain

desert scape

Art Indeed!

Abstract Art and Visual Journaling with Janet Pirozzi